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A few fun facts about me...

Hi, I'm Mario. I'm a web designer from Barrie, Canada but originally come from Stade, Germany. I love simplicity, I drink Starbucks (but not real coffee), Mornings are my favourite part of the day, I have a cat named Olaf, I enjoy a good book, I'm a avid FIFA gamer and a passionate & loyal supporter of my hometown football club Hamburger SV.

I run an aviation project called the A320 Archive, which tracks the test & delivery flights of the Airbus A320 family aircrafts on a daily basis. I originally built it as part of my passion of aviation and to further explore new technologies that I could use for my career. The website is viewed by hundreds of people a day from around the world and it wouldn't be possible without the collaboration with local aviation communities.

I'm a "iPhotographer" and enjoy taking photos with my iPhone only. There is something special and challenging about taking photos with a small device like an iPhone. On World Meteorological Day (March 23, 2017) I launched a collection of my Cloudscape Photography of the Sky and Clouds I have taken over the years. One of my photos has been published on display at an Apple Store in Montreal, Canada. You can also check out my Instagram profile for some random shots of pretty much everything. My timelapses area also available on my Vimeo profile

I run a small Music Label that releases deep and beautiful Chillout & Ambient music called Sunglow Collective. With the collaboration of the artists all releases on the label are available for FREE. Additionally, I have appeared in numerous online chillout radio shows, such as the Digitally Imported Chillout Dreams Channel, Soundstorm Radio, Frisky Radio, Beatlounge Radio and guestmixes for chillout artist shows like Martin Grey's (Solitudes), Paul Meise (Colored Dream), Alexander Gorshkov (Chill Around The World), Dave Harrigan (Special Chill Session) and a few others.

I'm an avid mapper and member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. I regularly contribute to projects within the OpenStreetMap community and do custom map design.

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